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Catching Up with Alexis Bellino Wow, so much is new!! Where to begin I just celebrated my 6th wedding anniversary April bague homme turquoise véritable 16! My husband is the light of my life, and my best friend! My son’s 5th birthday was May 4th, so I am so thankful every day he came into my life 5 years ago! He bague homme priceminister has grown into such a wise, amazing young boy! I hate bague homme personnalisé pas cher to say he is a boy now, and not a baby. I still call my bague homme trefle girls “babies” though since bague homme taille s they are only 31/2. coque iphone {laughs} I honestly think my husband is going to go crazy because I am ready for another baby now bague homme doigt signification that the kids are older! Business wise, I have launched my maxi line, which is an entirely new endeavor aside from Alexis Couture and Alexis Casual that I decided to take on! The first “Braid” maxi has done extremely well! We are offering it in summer colors in the next two weeks, and we are offering it up to size 16! We also just launched Alexis bague homme anniversaire Couture on Sunday, May 8th, with many dresses available! I also have my hat line maty bague plaque or with the “Bling” trucker hat as the first collier swarovski abeille hat, and the “Conviction” trucker hat comes out next week. coque samsung We are a lot alike, we don’t expect too much from each other, and we only want loyalty and respect in return. coque iphone With Tamra I am saddened by the fact that I found out in episode 3 that she really bague homme a la mode wasn’t my friend, and I thought she was up bague homme carbone argent until that point. Vicki and I tried to make amends this year, and we are still working towards that. We have bague homme as de pique had a couple hiccups along the way, but I’m hopeful that things will work out. coque huawei Peggy was my friend of 4 years, and unfortunately I never wanted her on the show because I was afraid that it would wreck our friendship, and it did just that. She is not the same person I knew a year ago. So there you have it in a nutshell! {4.} Since starting the show, would you say your life has changed If so, in what ways I think it’s impossible for reality TV NOT to change someones collier swarovski plaque or rose life. I feel this show has mostly been a positive thing in my life. Just as with any career, it bague homme argent or has it’s ups and downs, however, it has made my family stronger, my husband bague homme moche and I are closer and have learned a lot about each other and ourselves. I love collier swarovski pub noel 2015 the ability to express my faith and show that Christians are not perfect, and entertain people along the way. coque huawei I am also very thankful for the opportunities it has brought my way. It has been rough, don’t get me wrong! I probably have some gray hairs underneath this blonde after this baby launched, but it has been such a growing experience bague homme moins cher for bague homme metz me, and so much fun along the way! My biggest advice to any MOMpreneur (I love this term by the way ever since I saw it on Twitter!) is that bague homme jordanie YOU CAN DO IT! I know it seems there are never enough hours in a day, and look I’m doing this interview at midnight! I do my best work between 10pm and 2am since I began working! But it’s important to believe in yourself and your passion the entire step of the way. My second tip to MOMpreneurs is to learn to say no to certain things. I have to admit that my social life is about 1/10th of what it use to be. I have a very small window of free time after my kids, my husband and my career, so maty bague de mariage I have to select very carefully what (and who) I fill that time with. And my kids are the FIRST thing to fill my time. coque samsung {6.} You always are so perfectly together when it comes to your wardrobe! collier swarovski occasion As a Mom of 3, how do you time for yourself Thank you for that port bague homme compliment. Geez, I don’t feel that way! Honestly, that has been such a struggle for me. I use to be able to work out 4 5 days a week, (and working out is my stress reliever) now I’m lucky if I get to work out two days. I just feel like I will eventually get that “me” time back again, but right now it’s “game time” as I like to call bague homme harry potter it.

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